Welcome to Math

My name is Pete Morales. I have tremendous pride in St. Joachim. My father helped lay the bricks in the building of our school as my mother served lemonade to the dads. My six brothers and sisters are all alumni. I graduated from St. joachim in 1977. I have been teaching at St. Joachim since 1988. I also have been a CYO basketball coach here since 1978. My wonderful wife's name is Diane Morales. We have three cats: Poochie, Seis and Coco.  

I graduated from and played basketball at San Lorenzo High School in 1981. I  graduated from and played basketball at  Cal- State Hayward, now known as Cal-State East Bay. I also completed my teaching credential at Cal-State Hayward. I have also taught at St. Bede in Hayward. I have substitute taught in the San Lorenzo and Fremont Unified School Districts.

We work on expanding our use of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This includes decimals, fractions, integers, percents and variables. We will collect like terms, use the distributive property and solve grade appropriate Algebra equations. We will apply all these skills in word problems, hopefully with confidence! We work individually, with partners, in groups and on our laptops.

Math-7 students will be prepared for Pre-Algebra. Pre-Algebra students  prepare for Algebra . In Algebra, we will actually be completing a ninth grade class. Algebra students usually are ready to start Geometry or Honors Algebra their freshman year in high school.